Milled Acrylic, Electroluminescent Wire

This piece consists of a single 200′ length of Electroluminescent (EL) wire inlaid into 1/2″ thick frosted Plexiglass. The EL wire sits inside a groove that was cut using a CNC Machine. 

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Tone Depth

This is a technique developed here at MIA that enables the embedding (carving) of an image into the surface of a variety of materials.  Using a CNC router grooves of varying depth are cut into a surfasce, such that the shadows created inside the grooves compose the image.  This technique allows the creation of  custom, unique, cost-effective, machine-made works of art ideal for the Interior Design, Architecture, and Hospitality industry.

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Extreme Spacial Experience Apparatus (E-SEA)

The Extreme Spatial Experience Apparatus (E-Sea) is essentially a feedback device that captures brain and internal physiological activity (EEG,EKG) and uses that information to control the movement of the users body.

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City Roller

A commission by the LA Cultural Plaza to create an interactive installation for kids (7-10) to explore and understand the changing Urban landscape of LA in the last 100 years in the downtown area.

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CNC Milling

We offer CNC milling services for both Students and Professionals on a variety of different materials.

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Pixel Luminance EXtrapolation (PLEX)

These works are the result of a process that has been in development for close to 2 years and has been used to produce stunning works on materials ranging from wood to plastic and acrylic to aluminum. Each material adds its own character and qualities to the end piece making it suitable for a specific setting, be it for display in a gallery or hanging from the side of a building. Each piece consists of 12,000 to 18,000 thousand holes depending on the size and resolution. On average there are 8 different diameter size holes arranged in a way that they create the tonal qualities of the overall image/subject matter.

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The Well Display

This project focused on the refinement and fabrication of a shelving unit at The Well retail store in Los Angeles. Continue Reading →


Techtonic Interlocking Modular System (TIMS)

Techtonic Interlocking Modular System, aka TIMS, are products designed without using any hardware, require no tools during assembly, and are able to be flat packed for shipping. TIMS allows for simple and quick assembly and dismantling which is convenient for temporary or multi-purpose spaces. TIMS also allows for effiecient material usage thereby creating less waste which is also great for our environment. These designs range from an item as utilitarian as a desk to children’s building blocks to decorative 3D dinosaurs!

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Gallery Walls

Design and installation of a modular custom wall to cover the existing old, patchy, and uneven wall. It needed to be installed quickly, easily and inexpensively while providing a versatile system for hanging work and utilizing the wall surface. Continue Reading →



Architecture firm IBI approached us for an installation in their new Downtown Los Angeles office. After working  with them on possible designs and materials to best represent their objective, we decided to use one of their designs that was generated using the computer software Grasshopper.

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3D printer

3D Printing

We also offer 3D Printing services in PLA plastic for items up to 8″ cube. Ideal for parts, prototypes, mock-ups, as well as ornaments, gifts and toys, etc.

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Beyond Wonderland

Design development and fabrication of Stage 4 at the Insomniac Production “Beyond Wonderland”. Continue Reading →



In 2010, Crimson Society was commissioned to create an installation for the Coachella Music and Arts Festival. Ascension, also lovingly known as “Coco”, is a 150 ft wide and 45 ft tall giant white origami crane crafted from soaring planes of white fabric and aluminum truss and tension wire skeleton.

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Electric vehicle designed for Burning Man 2009 to use for transportation during the event. This vehicle is focused toward modular construction that allows complete dis-assembly. Betty’s entire assembly is constructed of five profiles that are repeated and reconfigured. She is able to fit inside of the trunk of an average SUV and assembled on-site using basic tools. All components were cut using the CNC router. Metal fabrication by Mr. Steve Green.

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