Milled Acrylic, Electroluminescent Wire
MIA in collaboration with Gerardo Moreno and Sho Ikuta.

This piece consists of a single 200′ length of Electroluminescent (EL) wire inlaid into 1/2″ thick frosted Plexiglass. The EL wire sits inside a groove that was cut using a CNC Machine. 


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Tone Depth


This is a technique developed here at MIA that enables the embedding (carving) of an image into the surface of a variety of materials.


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Pixel Luminance EXtrapolation (PLEX)

These works are the result of a process that has been in development for close to 2 years and has been used to produce stunning works on materials ranging from wood to plastic and acrylic to aluminum.


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Techtonic Interlocking Modular System (TIMS)

Techtonic Interlocking Modular System, aka TIMS, are products designed without using any hardware, require no tools during assembly, and are able to be flat packed for shipping.

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Electric vehicle designed for Burning Man 2009 to use for transportation during the event. This vehicle is focused toward modular construction that allows complete dis-assembly. Betty’s entire assembly is constructed of five profiles that are repeated and reconfigured.


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