CNC Milling

Posted on May 23, 2014

We offer CNC milling services for both Students and Professionals on a variety of different materials.



 3D milling Examples



2D profile cutting examples

Cut (bed) Dimension (HxWxD): 8ft x 4ft x 5in (height).

Wood, Plastic, Foam,

Student Discounts are available upon request.
Digital Setup Fee (if applicable): $120 / hour. Minimum fee $45 –  if file is setup correctly.
Machine Milling Time: $75 / hour*
Rush Fee (Same Day / Next Day): 25% additional
Minimum of 2 hours
Price is for Milling only. Finishing is not included.

Please review the information below and set up your cut file.
For 2D profile files (outline cut, EPS format), please view our 2D Setup PDF,
For 3D contour files (volume cut, STL format) Please view the 3D Setup PDF.

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