MIA studio and gallery is a design showroom and fabrication workshop. We specialize in artwork and large scale installations for the hospitality and entertainment industries.

Our tag line – “You think it. We make it.” – sums up what we can do here at MIA. Constant experimentation and collaboration keeps our creativity flowing.  MIA is open to the public every second Thursday of each month for the Downtown Artwalk. Or feel free to call us and set up an appointment, we love showing people our creations!

MIA’s views on the intersection between art and technology:

Technology can be defined as the application of practical and scientific knowledge to a specific purpose. It is the sum of the ways in which social groups provide themselves with the material objects of their civilization. As such, there are few, if any components of social life that are unaffected by the influences and advancement of technology. “Art” and the creative process is no exception to that rule. The very means and tools applied toward the creative process are often shaped by technology to a great degree, whether directly or indirectly. The aim of the MIA studio and gallery is to explore and showcase the role and application of technology, in specific computational technology within the creative process. In this context art is not defined as a product, but rather an intention. Here the word art is not a noun but rather a verb. Here art is seen as a process rather than a product.

Machine Inspired Art (MIA) is one literal manifestation of technology within the creative process. In this definition, MIA explores the influence and utilization of machines, computation and automation on creativity and self-expression regardless of scale, medium or specific discipline.

behn_bioBehn Samareh, Director: For the past 25 years, Behn has devoted his professional and academic life to the pursuit of meaningful ways of combining art and technology. Behn received a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Maryland. From there he went on to complete a Master’s Degree in Architecture at UCLA, where he also completed his academic journey and received a Ph.D. in Architecture with a focus on Design and Computation. Previously Behn co-founded Plasis Design, a multi-disciplinary design collective, and is currently the Director for Machine Inspired Art (MIA) Gallery and Studio. He is also an instructor of architecture studio at The California State University in Pomona.

jamilah_bioJamilah Haygood, Senior Architect: Jamilah grew up in Alaska and was raised by a single mom who left inner city Newark, New Jersey to give her daughter better opportunities. In 1992, after completing high school, Jamilah moved from Anchorage to New Haven, where she graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture. Finally landing in Los Angeles, Jamilah earned her Master’s Degree in Architecture from UCLA and has been certified as a licensed architect in the State of California since 2007. She has worked on diverse project types that range from high-end residential to low-income housing and from gasoline service stations to commercial tenant improvements to quick serve restaurants.


Joseph Castro, Apprentice: Joseph Castro AKA JC, has been working with MIA as their apprentice in the machine shop since 2012. With a background in illustration, JC is now proficient in designing 3 dimensional artworks and using the CNC machine and other hand and power tools with a variety of materials including MDF, plexiglas and kometex. JC currently attends East Los Angeles Community College and is working his way towards an undergraduate degree in Architecture. JC has a passion for sustainability and creating objects and spaces that can be shared.He dreams of building playgrounds for children, co-op buildings and community gardens.

iman-bio-imageIman Samareh, Tour Guide: Iman is Behn’s daughter. She is an expert in singing. She sings all day long. She builds things too. She is very active.

Support Staff
Peter Won, Intern
Thomas Schaper, Branding/Graphics